Pocket Chibz to the Rescue!

Once upon a time, there lived a happy family in a tiny house.

The family found a sleeping baby and decided to keep her safe inside the house because they loved her very much.

The baby grew up and left her home to have adventures on her own. Even though she left, she still loved them and promised to send them home lots of nice things.

Outside her house, she found a new home and lots of new friends, and they all loved her very much, too.

One day, a magical fairy showed up to tell her the Bunny Prince was having a ball and that she should go and bring her new friends. 

The fairy gave her a beautiful dress and made her very pretty.

Everyone was at the Bunny Prince’s ball. Dancing and having fun.

The Prince saw the girl and said “Hey there, little dame! You look just like our old Bunny Queen! You must be the Bunny Princess!”

Then the Prince let her stay in the Carrot Castle so she can help him take care of all the bunnies. And she invited all of her new friends and her family to stay with her.

And then everyone got a bunny and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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